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The best thing about the internet for brands and businesses are the endless possibilities that it allows. A company can have a website and social media accounts, but even by having all of that content on the internet, how do potential customers discover that content? That’s where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing is a beautiful thing and often overlooked because many business owners may not be familiar with all the methods or what digital marketing even is, however, it is a very important process for getting information out there and growing your business. Not to mention it is cost effective, and you can reach thousands of customers for a fraction of the cost of printed marketing materials.

The concept is quite simple: it is the process of using electronic devices and the internet as a tool to connect with customers. Some of these digital marketing tools are SEO, social media marketing, email campaigns, and online advertising through Google PPC (Pay Per Click Ads), YouTube ads or shopping ads. Fresno is booming with business, which is why it can get very competitive, so marketing Fresno is very important for a brand to become more well known. Since most businesses have some form of digital presence, it is so important to be engaged in digital marketing. Most customers now rely mainly on the internet to learn about a brand because of how internet-heavy our culture is. Much of people’s lives are centered around the internet and completely dependent on it for communication and resources, so it makes sense for a business to have a strong digital presence. We love helping brands get their content discovered on the internet using several methods. Building a stronger digital presence, will help you achieve more customers and ultimately become more successful as a business. Especially in a large city like Fresno, it is important to make your business known and engage your customers. Marketing Fresno is a great way to stay ahead of the curve to grow your business. As a marketing company in Fresno, we offer all of the most effective marketing strategies.

Loops Marketing's strentgh and expertise lies in digital marketing, and we've been able to help our clients see massive results in terms of customers and exposure for their product and or services. So let's talk digital marketing... SEO is a very successful way to increase traffic to your website. This process is done by optimizing your site so it “ranks” higher on a search engine, which allows your customers to find you. Another very important digital marketing strategy is social media. This is another way to get content out there and draw more customers to your business, through advanced advertising targeting strategies (connecting with your most ideal customers). We can create advertisements and run campaigns, specifically focused on bringing you more likes, more followers, overall engagement, and most importantly additional revenue with new customers. Email marketing is a another great way to promote your business and customer engagement. We can build your email lists through advertising strategies, and create awesome email campaigns to grow your business with repeat clients! PPC (Pay Per Click Ads - running online advertisements on Google, and geo tracking your customers) is another great way to bring more traffic to your website. Customers will see your ads online, click on your ad, and be directed to your website, and or call you directly from your ad. We offer many more marketing strategies, and would love to help you figure out which option would work best for your business. We have the knowledge, experience, and are trusted by hundreds of local businesses in Fresno and the Central Valley.

Digital marketing works for any business (of any size and type), so if you are a business owner in business-booming Fresno, then digital marketing is right for you. By standing out and engaging more customers, your business will thrive. We are a marketing company in Fresno who wants to help you grow your business and reach your goals!

We offer a variety of services, to help you reach more customers, build your brand, and tell your story, smarter. The website design industry has seen many changes over the last 10 years. We are in an age where we can create some incredible things for your business, including redesigning your website for all devices, marketing online to tell your story and bring brand awareness, creating behavior flows to see how users interact with your website, connect with thousands of people on social media, run advertisements across numerous social platforms, and so much more - all of which is backed by data that we can share, bringing immense value to your business.

Why Loops Marketing? We strive for excellence in all that we do! We communicate faster, live and breathe design, give you ideas that matter, create lasting professional relationships, and take your brand to another level. We deliver compelling messages to the world. We work smarter for you, not louder. Our secret sauce isn’t just in website design, though. It’s about building a relationship that you can trust, and being that team that you can depend on. Let us show you how we do business… We look forward to hearing from you.

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