Web Design in Visalia, California

The truth about creating websites for small-town businesses

Web design Visalia

Web Design in Visalia, California

When I first started out in web design, I was still in college, working towards my degree. I had very little connections to anyone in the design world, and my first website looked like something a kindergartner created, but in a digital environment. Web design sparked my interest, though. It was something creative, something technical, and something where you could see your work visually; almost instantaneously.

My first client was introduced to me through my college professor. She had known about a non-profit that was looking to have their website created, and told me about them. I contacted the organization, and was hesitant at first, but after talking it over with them, they gave me a chance. The project was large, but they had a small budget. It took me about two months to complete it, and I put my heart and soul into that first project. After it was finished, the organization was so happy, and everyone who knew them loved it! I was and still am proud of that first website. This is where my foundation is – working with small businesses, and watching the growth over years and years. It is what keeps me motivated, because it truly means something to the people I work with. It’s exciting!

Visalia is known for being a small town. The businesses in this area all have something special about them. It’s a gem of a city, and I absolutely love working with small-town businesses because you get to really connect with the business owners through the project. And after years of hard work, our designs have become much better. Amazing, some would say. Nowadays, our websites have grown, technically... We are better designers, better programmers, and have learned a tremendous amount about web design, and everything that goes along with it through many years of due diligence. We value that, because it is the small-town businesses that have built into us.

We have been creating some excellent websites for years, now. And it gives us so much joy to provide a “high-class” website for the small-town business owner. We work within their budgets, give them suggestions, and turn their websites into pixel-perfect, functional designs, which speak to their audience. We take on the smaller projects because those are the people that allowed us to get where we are today. We still tackle the monstrous websites, too. We love web design Visalia - a term we use to remind us of how awesome it is working with small companies!

Our services include a variety of options. We offer:

  • Custom hand-crafted websites
  • CMS (content management systems) websites including Wordpress and Joomla
  • Responsive websites - Mobile friendly versions of websites
  • E-Commerce websites - We set up an online storefront for your business using a variety of secure platforms
  • Landing pages - for any business that wants to show people they have something "coming soon"

Web design is more than just creating a professional looking design. It is how it is used. We focus on the user interface, and the user experience. We have learned what works, and what doesn't work. Our websites encompass everything the business owner needs and wants, in a clean, simple, functional, and interactive design. The truth is that people do not care about how fancy a website is, if it doesn't work correctly. If there is too much information, no one will read it. We have the knowledge, and years of experience to get your website launched, that will highlight everything you're about. Contact us today!

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