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Why Loops Marketing as your Clovis Web Design Firm

Choosing the right web design company to work with is important! You need a web design company that is local. Face-to-face communication is essential and there is nothing is more frustrating than trying to deal with time zones when there is a problem. Web design is more than putting a web page together. It covers everything from page loading speed, relevance and the web index ability. Large agencies have many employees and can get many tasks done at once, but working with Loops Marketing, you get personal attention from our team to help craft your website into a personal and user-friendly design. As a contrast, larger marketing agencies have many different employees, and cooperation between the departments may not be as great, which leaves the customer feeling lost, and or out of touch.. A small web design firm has a good handle on what to do. If you're looking for an awesome experience, you've come to the right place. First step is meeting with our actual web designers to go over your specific details. We work with you, not just for you. It is to our client's advantage since we can ask you specific questions and go over your vision... The same people you meet with are the same people who will be working on your project. There is no miscommunication between account managers, or creative teams.

The Questionnaire

When you meet with us, there are certain things we'll go over with you.

  • What do you hope your new website will do for you?
  • Do you have your brand identity in place? Color, company values, logo, etc...
  • What types of content will you need: video, photo, copy writing, iconography, graphics?
  • What is your deadline?
  • Is having your website show up in Google's first page of search results important to you?
  • Do you have any specific features you want on the website?
  • Will you be selling anything on the website, or plan to sell in the future?
  • Have you thought about specific marketing options for when the site is complete?
  • How often will you need updates, or would you like training on how to use your website?
These are only a handful of questions that help the web designer create a site that meets your needs, can be scaled, and optimizes all content so it's ready to go.

It's truly about getting to the 1st page of Google

When someone goes to Google to search for a product or service they get results from all over the world. You no longer just compete locally. Even if you are next door, they might push you off the first page by someone in Europe. Local optimization is essential for any company here in the Central Valley.

  • 91% of people will click a website link on page 1 of Google search (Chitika)
  • 71% will not go past the first 5 organic listings.
  • 32% of people will click on the top Google Result (Chitika)
  • 6% of people will click on a paid ad (Smart Insights)
  • Less than 1% of Google users will go to the second page of search results
This means if you are not on page 1, your customers will probably not find you.

Why being local matters in web design

Even small businesses need a webpage and it has to be mobile friendly. People are always looking to find out information about businesses.

  • 80% of 'find nearest searches' are from a mobile phone (Google)
  • 18% of local searches result in a purchase within 1 day (Google)
  • 53% of people search for directions to a local business (Google)
  • 54% search for business hours (Google)
  • Approximately 70% of all searches are from mobile devices (CIO Drive)
As a local business, it's important that you work with a local company like Loops Marketing, as we understand the importance of such information, and are experts, and highest rated web design Clovis company!

Page load speed is vital!

With everything moving so fast nowdays, having a website that loads quickly is important to keeping your users on your website.

  • 40% of people will abandon a page after 3 seconds of loading time. (KISSmetrics)
  • Google factors page loading speed into rank determination.

There are numerous tools we use to measure the page load speed of your website, and we utilize the newest and best technology to help keep your website running fast.

We're your local Web Design Experts!

You need a web designer experienced in both web design and online marketing. You will get the best bang for your buck working with a team like Loops Marketing. We care about our customers, can handle any web design project large or small, and give you the attention your business deserves.

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