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6 reasons why creating a website yourself just does not work!

Suggestions on things to think about, before you take that leap

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6 reasons why creating a website yourself just does not work!

Here in Visalia, website design isn’t exactly the most sought-after service. We live in a small town, surrounded by agriculture. While there aren’t tens-of-thousands of businesses here, compared to larger cities, such as web design Fresno, or web design Clovis, the small towns still have enough businesses that can use a website designer. And depending on the business you’re in, having a full-blown website that is hand crafted may not be the best option. Many small businesses think that if they create their own website, from some free service, that will work fine – but the truth is, is that it is more damaging than you realize, especially if you are thinking long-term. Here are 6 reasons why doing it yourself just does not work.

1. This one is straight to the point… You just aren’t a website designer, or graphic designer

You might have big ideas, and have seen some amazing websites from website designers in Fresno, Visalia, and Clovis – but those websites were created by professionals. The really ‘high quality’ websites you see, usually have a lot of thought behind them. Any real website designer, or graphic designer thinks about how the audience will interact with the website. It is more than just displaying some words on a screen. It is a user experience, that takes skill and knowledge to create an experience that works. Your website should work for your business.

2. You just aren’t that technical

Sure, you can setup a website yourself from a free website service, but it is truly like learning another program. How many people out there are masters at Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel? Those are easily attainable programs that people can use. People use those, daily, in fact… But for the average person, trying to do some of the most basic things turns into a daunting task, and in the end, you either get an error, or have to spend a lot of time to learn how to do it correctly. Website builders work for basic tasks, but they work only after you learn how to use them. And learning how to use them can be a nightmare for some.

3. Free websites look cheap, and leave customers feeling uneasy about your business

This one is just common sense. If you use a website builder, and the website you’re designing looks like something from the 80s, you are actually hurting your business. 85% of people view websites through a mobile device, and if you aren’t careful, not only will you lose that market, you will also damage yourself by weakening your legitimate brand. What you want is a professional, very nicely organized, well designed website that attracts customers, not leaves customers wondering if your website is going to give them a virus.

4. You have great intentions, but you lose interest with updating your website.

Another reason why you probably don’t want to create your own website is because you really don’t want to update it, at all. Even if the task is extremely simple, you aren’t motivated to figure out how to login to the site, tweak a column of text, or replace an image. Trying to find out what page you are even working with is just too much trouble. We all want it easy, but let’s face it… Website builders are trying to make programming front-end and back-end an easy task. And truth be told, it actually is quite easy compared to hand crafting line by line of code… But it still is just too much effort for the average person. You will initially be very interested. But after 2 months, and then having to update your site, you will have forgotten almost everything about how to login and update anything.

5. You don’t think a website will matter that much. Facebook is working fine for your business.

A lot of clients use social media as the face of their company, but even that tends to get a little cumbersome. With social media, everything moves so quickly. You don’t have the control that you have over a website. You don’t have a strategy for building your brand. With a website, you can easily highlight so many important facts and promotions that you may want to offer. Build a customer base, not a fan base. You know what you’d like to have, but you just don’t know how to get it.

6. Your graphics look terrible :)

This is almost the most single-most-important reason why do-it-yourself websites just don’t work. You are having trouble visually displaying your company. You have no logo. Your images make your website look like a “spam” website. Nothing is consistent. And trying to figure out how to create beautiful graphics is not what you do. If you have a website that looks terrible, you will leave your customers thinking that your business is terrible. People can tell the difference, and having a website that works, and looks beautiful, brings the extra sense of credibility to your business. Visually appealing graphics is what makes up a website. It’s like the peanut butter to your jelly. Without visually telling your story, you miss the mark.


You think you will be saving money! You actually will save money, in the short term. There is no doubt about it. But once you realize that you are actually hurting your brand, and the potential customers that you have lost because of it, outweighs the cost of savings. These things are only suggestions to think about. We have worked with dozens of clients who have experienced the same issues as listed above. If you are serious about having a professional website created, Loops Marketing would be more than happy to show you how affordable a website truly is, and transform your business into something special, while building your brand! Contact us today, so we can discuss your project! Whether you are from Fresno, Clovis, Tulare, Visalia or beyond, we can help you!

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